Ambitious goals

Probionova represents a new entity in the scope of human microbiome R&D . The company mission is to improve health through the development of new probiotic-related applications.

Taking probiotics to the next level

The company includes a group of biotechnology experts, relying on their long-standing experience in the Probiotic market, and executives from the pharmaceutical sector. Probionova’s goal is to take probiotics to the next level, directing them to specialize in the investigated therapeutic areas.

Research on human microbiome has shown that our health or sickness conditions are closely linked to the microbes we host in our gut.

Probionova has a leading scientific standing in the research and development of new probiotics through a wide network of qualified scientific contributors, highly specialized in their areas of research interest, ranging from applied microbiology to clinical medicine.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to develop clinical evidence-based probiotics with pharmaceutical-grade production volumes for therapeutic applications.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to science and ethics and we strictly apply the scientific method to any and all of our daily activities.

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What we do

We develop new concepts and applications linked to the scope of probiotics to improve human health through research and development.

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