The future of probiotics comes from age-old wisdom

Hippocrates believed that the origin of all diseases was the intestine. We are sure we can combine age-old wisdom and the basic principles of modern science and medicine.

In our future outlook biological and life sciences will extend their contribution to the  pharmaceutical scope, where the chemical synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients still holds the stage. The scope of probiotic bacteria is especially shrouded in uncertainty and mistrusted by regulatory authorities, as they still refuse to grant recognition to their health claims in spite of the large amount of evidence produced by authoritative sources.

Our company vision aims at contributing to the progress and advancement of knowledge in this sector. We wish to provide factual evidence on the effectiveness of probiotics, shedding light on new therapeutic applications.

The main scope of the research under way in our company focuses on the severely deteriorated conditions of the native microbial community which may be exploited as  diagnostic markers of several diseases. By comparing these dysbiotic events associated with specific disease states we can detect and identify target microorganisms which may restore ideal conditions in the altered microbiota and thus lead to an improvement in the disease being investigated.

Our objective is the industrial-scale reproduction of the special microorganisms selected during our disease research and study process.

The first areas of therapeutic interest targeted by our research are Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, weakened bone tissue as a result of old age and the absorption of folic acid and other B group vitamins in deficient individuals.